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The Woman Tells

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Part I:

The Intro

Life is all about what you make it. Goals and dreams can come true,

however you have to be willing to put in the work to see them through.

This woman can tell you from the many life lessons I’ve learned that

while everyone has a chance at success and love, that shit is not easy to

come by.

I like to think that I am a very intelligent, adventurous woman. My life

experiences, interactions, relationships and friendships have given me

great insight into the way various people in general tend to think and

walk through life. Assessing personalities, vibes and characteristics or

the lack thereof, have been second nature with my keen sense and

woman’s intuition.

Let me take you on a journey, one I know far too well, to show you how

to find your own love and happiness. Although in between the love and

happiness can come a lot of hurt, heartbreak, anger, and even revenge.

Sometimes you win, but most of the time you lose. Every person in a

love triangle, square or hell, even a hexagon is seeking their own

happiness or some version of love too. Follow me down this path and

meet some of the people you may know, love, and hate. It may even be


Let’s have some fun while you learn a little about yourself, your man,

and the other people who can wiggle their ways into your relationships.

Roleplaying should be a cinch. That is something I will demonstrate and

explain throughout this journey. We will create various fictitious

relationships that model real life shit that women, men, and relationships

go through. I will tell you about a couple of kinds of women and their

thought patterns when men are intertwined in the mix. We’ll also

explore some of the explanations that men typically use when trying to

mind fuck you on why a situation, “happened in the first place.” So

ladies take your Plan B pill and men strap up because I’m about to take

all involved on an emotional roller coaster ride. This woman is going tell

you some shit that will blow your mind. It may even fix your life.

Part 2:

The “Other Woman” Steps In

Let’s start with ladies we all know somehow. She may be our best

friend, sister, mother, co-worker, or she may even be you. This woman I

speak of is affectionately, or not so affectionately, known as the “other

woman.” She is the one who has just enough of a man’s attention to get

him to step out on his wife or woman. She is the one who creeps in or

slithers her way into a man’s affections at a time when he may be having

some issues with self-doubt, wondering why his woman isn’t the way

she used to be, or just gets bored with the woman he has. We will talk

about those last two in a little bit, but back to the “other woman.”

She’s no dummy. She has studied the man she wants. She knows what

makes him take a second look, what he likes to eat for lunch, his favorite

drink, and even his favorite sports teams. She also knows what it is

about his woman that is lacking or losing his interest. If it were a class,

she would get an A+ on her research project about the man she’s got her

eye and maybe even her heart set on. The “other woman” is an expert in

all things him.

For the purposes of fun and learning, let’s say in this situation you are

the wife or woman whose man has an “other woman” working her way

into his life and maybe his heart as well. Let’s examine ways you could

end up in this situation and a couple of ways you can handle it too.

You know that famous TV host, who has had like four or five wives, you

know the one. He wrote books for women to tell them how to get and

keep their men. I know you know who I’m talking about now. He told

women they needed to think like a man, but act like a lady. Really? This

is contradictory to the very intrinsic essence of women. Stereotypes are

powerful, and men and women from various cultures have been shown

to accept the western stereotype that women are generally more

emotional while men are generally more physical. However, the

neuroscience of sex differences between men and women could be

talked about endlessly. That is what has been emphasized over and over

again throughout time. But for now let’s rap about the shit we

understand. Let’s talk about some basic common sense. Which it’s been

proven that sense ain’t common.

Back to my point, the host isn’t wrong in that women need to be

strategic, but turning our backs on our nature is most likely not going to

happen for most. That would require change. Women have to learn how

to use our emotions to work in our favor.

When women are emotional and out of control, “The Woman will tell.”

Be it happiness, depression, envy, accomplishments, challenges or

blessings, when we get wrapped up, hyped up, or tangled up, we tell.

Period. This is a great time to take a note from our corporate sisters.

Those sisters have learned the art of a smile masked with strategic

thinking, analysis, and sometimes even deceit.

So let’s look at scenario number one: you want your man back

exclusively and you are ready to take back what is yours. Control is just

a matter of implementing a plan. You need to use your intellect, looks

and whatever you had that originally attracted him to bring him back

around to your team. Try to be creative, adventurous and unpredictable.

Think outside of the box, but not so far out that you become a concern.

Do something that will shock him, remind him how sexy and fun you

can be. Be spontaneous, but tasteful. If you have never taken a shower

with him, surprise him one day and join him. Maybe have a massage

therapist show up, do his and hers thing. Maybe try a little something to

relax you before the main event.

It’s your responsibility to figure out what it will take to get the blood

pumping and a pulse rise out of your man. What is your man’s vice? Is

he a church guy, street guy, intellect, geek, baller, or introvert? Meet

him on or at his level and find out what makes him tick. Most of all, you

have to be more interested in him and his affairs than the woman that he

has made his concubine, “the other woman.” Don’t get me wrong, this

is by no means a competition with “the other woman” for the attention

of your man. This is a life-style. You have to stay focused on what is

important in your relationship with your man. You have to treat your

relationship like a plant; water it, prune it, take care of it. If you ignore a

plant it will die and so will your relationship. If you nurture that same

plant it will flourish and so will your relationship. Take care of what is


You also have to take your own needs, feelings, and wants into

consideration. That’s why the first step is to really decide whether or not

you want to be with your man, especially after he has stepped out. Do

you want to put in the time and work to redirect his attention back to the

woman he chose to marry, to commit to before God and man?

Sometimes as you are watering you feel lonely, forgotten, and wonder

why you have to do the work to salvage the relationship. This can

definitely lead to a situation where you are more vulnerable to the

attention of another man.

Part III:

Meeting The Other Man

Here’s another hypothetical situation and another person you may

encounter, “the other man.” It starts out with a look across a room. The

same room your husband is walking around complimenting other

women in. Short encounters filled with interesting conversation and fun

banter. You have morals and values. You believe in marriage and you

are not going to sin, even if his ass is. But there’s just something about

this man that has you giving him your cell phone number before the

night is over. You justify that it’s innocent, just conversation. A little

flirting can’t hurt. My man surely isn’t paying me any attention and I

look damn good in this Versace gown.

In the beginning it’s sexy texts, calls in the afternoon just to see how

your day was. Before you know it you are hooked to the attention of

this tall, sexy, smooth brother and you’re okay with it. Actually, you’re

more than okay with it; you’re enjoying it. Then one day it’s okay to

take an afternoon ride on his yacht. You won’t be alone. It’s a group

outing, right?

After an amazing day out on the water with a beautiful sunset in the

background and a now empty yacht, you have your first physical

encounter with tall, dark and sexy. It’s quick, some kissing, a little

groping, and some bumping and grinding like you’re in high school. He

has you wrapped up in the moment and wanting more, but like the

debonair gentleman he is, he drives you home in his Tesla, gives you one

last chaste kiss and watches your ass sway as you walk into the house.

You only know this because of

The text he sent as soon as the door closed telling you so. And just like

that, you become someone else, the “adulterous woman.”

He’s fun, he makes you laugh, and from that first, brief encounter you

also know he is packing and knows how to move. He is a guy that

thinks about everything. No other man stands a chance against him. If

there is someone or something he wants, he is going to get it. A master

at winning a woman’s affection, this man has gone from a flirty friend to

someone who has me wrapped all the way up in him. Wow, I feel as

though I am going to need counseling because whether or not I should

be in this relationship, fling or whatever the end of the story turns out to

be, I know that I will not be okay. He’s got me. Is my excuse for how

I got here valid? What will the future hold for me and mine? The

Woman will tell.

We have to remember, this man, is not your man. He is not ready to be

tied down to a single woman long term. He is a player. He may not

want a ton of women at once, but he doesn’t want one woman forever.

We all know that all good things come to an end at some point. It may

last 60 minutes or 60 years, but it will end.

One more blood warming scenario was an evening spent on his yacht. I

showed up thinking we were going to spend time talking and enjoying

the weather with a nice glass of champagne, some junk food and some

interesting conversation due to an encounter that had transpired to piss

me off. Not the case. Being me, I kept my cool, but we needed to talk.

So here’s what happened. To be specific, we were out with some of his

friends. He had started to bring me around his circle. He was a very

private person, so in my mind, I must have met the criteria to move

forward because she’s special approval test. The night was going so

well. The circles he moved in were very co-ed. Everyone was happy,

enjoying themselves, talking shit and making the best of a great thing.

Of course there’s always a want to be important motherfucker

around. Most likely there are multiple intrusions like an annoying

asshole leaching, or a bitch that’s hoping to become significant in your

new man’s space. Can you guess which one kicked it off that evening?

Well, the one I zeroed in on. It was probably a representative for the

true hoe. Here we go. There is always one in the group whose sole

purpose is to throw shade on behalf of the group leader, relay messages,

and just generally be in the know about any and everything that is

important to her Queen B.

This particular Queen B would, I think in layman’s terms, we will refer

to as “the thot.” You know the type who always just so happens to be

around in circles she clearly doesn’t fit in. She has probably screwed

more than one of the guys in this group of friends. She’s always overly

friendly, dressed like somebody’s pilgrim and looking like a knock-off

‘Storm’ from the X-men round about the head.

This man made love not only to my body, but my mind. I’m not sure

which I prefer, him tampering with my thoughts or when he inserts. He

made love to me physically and mentally causing me to forget about the

other shit I was upset about in the first place. He had a way of turning

things around, calming the mood and getting things back to the way he

was comfortable. Then doing something that made you feel like you

were 100% the apple of his eye and affection.

Things went on like this for a while. Great company, with a side of

skank ass “thot’s,” his cool ass male friends, the respectful alpha’s are

always dope, amazing lovemaking, and good times were the new norm.

Then out of nowhere it seemed the calls and texts became a little less

flirty and less frequent. I was getting comfortable and enjoying all of

the good food. I gained about five pounds, but I still look amazing, if

you ask me. Every other man trying to yell kind of helps me know as

well. It seems like as soon as I got comfortable, that’s when things

started to change.

Now this is the point where you really have to assess what is really

going on, remember who you are and who he is to you. He is not your

future forever. He is not your husband. He is the “other man.” The

other man

Who paid attention to you when your man did not? He was a temporary

feel good fix to your problems at home. He was a beautiful distraction.

He was thrilling, sexy, fun, and fine. But he was always temporary.

Being the “adulterous woman” is complicated, stressful, and hurtful.

So now you have to decide what you will do. Will you spend time

fighting for this man, whose attentions are already fleeting after a few

months? Or will you get back to the heart of the matter? Will you focus

on you and what you want out of life? Will you restore your marriage? Is

it time to let go of it all together? At the end of the day how you feel and

what actually makes you happy is most important. Do you even know

what happiness is and what it takes to be happy? There are a lot of ways

this could play out on both sides.

Here are a few statistics that we could take a look at:

-Women that entertain extracurricular activity


-Men that entertain extracurricular activity


-Divorce caused by Infidelity


-I will stick it out:


-Noted by one magazine 70% of relationships that experience

infidelity actually stay together. I think that’s a large chunk of


At the end of the day, your situation and outcome is up to all the people

involved, your man, the other woman, the other man, and most

importantly, you. What you decide to tolerate is based on your own

personal feelings, character, beliefs and life choices. What will you


How will your story progress? Will you and your man work it out? Will

you let him and his mistress live out the rest of their days while you

explore a new life and maybe even a new love. No matter what you

choose, you will be happy again? You just have to determine what your

own happily ever after will look like.

Part IV:

Being The Other Man

Let’s role play a different role in the situation. Let’s step into the shoes

of the “other man.” This is the man who likes a challenge, has it going

on – money, cars, homes, yacht, intellect, and a great sense of humor.

I like to keep a sexy, smart woman around for fun, conversation, and of

course good sex. I don’t do love or long-term relationships. I also am

not the type to keep a steady rotation of women. I don’t like a different

woman every night. I like to know and enjoy spending time with a

woman. And this most recent conquest of mine is beautiful, stylish,

sexy, funny, and so much fun to be around. I can take her to a gala or a

basketball game. She’s fun, versatile, and fits in well wherever we go.

She is absolutely wife material. There’s one problem though, she’s

someone else’s wife.

We started out with infrequent encounters. Then once I got her number,

we hung out more and more. Once it got physical I knew she was into

me. We started talking about more personal things and as she told me

about her marriage I realized two things. One, her husband has to be a

fucking idiot. The other, I think I may love her. Where the fuck did I let

my heart wander?

What’s a man to do? Am I ready or do I start the back up plan literally.

BACK THE fuck up. I’m not sure if I’m ready to let my lifestyle go. I

just need her to start what men call the “Relationship Deactivator

Behavior.” Act stupid and turn me off. She actually had a couple of

episodes, but rather me admit it, that the shit was actually clever. How

in the hell did she figure that out. I am a man so I turned the shit around

to make me the victim. Reverse psychology is a motherfucker. The

problem is, is that she’s smart as fuck and know how to make me think

she believes me. Have I found a revitalized female version of me?

Still I find myself in this crazy position. I like everything about this

woman. I want to keep seeing where this will go. But I also like the life

I have created for myself. It’s uncomplicated and allows me to have fun,

work hard, and do what I want to do whenever I want to do it. If I’m

being honest, I also wonder just how far this thing we have will go. Will

she really leave her husband to be with me? Do I want a woman who

will leave a marriage to be with me? Will she turn around in a few years

to me? This is way more complicated already than I want it to be. Let

me work my shit out and I’ll let you know what I decide…

When a woman is in a situation where her heart is involved, the

woman will tell. Whether she is in blissful love or her cheating

ass husband is breaking her heart, the woman will tell. In every

situation there are options. “The Woman will tell” is a feisty, fun

read that explores people and situations that happen in everyday


Check out the full novel by Winter 2020 to meet other people

including the “baby mama,” “ex-wife,” and “husband.”

Preorder your copy of The Woman Tells today!

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