One thing for certain when it comes to “The Woman Tells” is that Karla as a writer has a vivid imagination and incorporates that along with many sources of inspiration.  Karla - “There are tales within ‘The Woman Tells’ that I had to embellish to make the stories really juicy and eye-opening without being far-fetched. I do say in the book that these stories are based on what could happen in real life yet make sure I don’t get too carried away within the storytelling process. I do really have a solid imagination!”
Without giving too much away, “The Woman Tells” gives perspectives from many points of view. “What I do within the book is not only explain what each character is doing but why,” explains Karla. “I want the reader to fully understand the mode of operation the couple as well as the other man and the other woman are coming from and what each wants within their own world when it comes to relationships.”
From the perspective of love between people of color, Karla exclaims boldly through “The Woman Tells” the following – “Black love is the most powerful and the strongest love two people could ever have – not taking anything away from other races.  Black love is based on several principles – respect, honor, loyalty, support and code. When you find those factors in a soulmate, the love becomes deeper. It’s one of the most powerful things one can have once it enters their lives.”
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